1. Tadinya

    mau bikin prosa panjang tentang cinta di wordpress, sekaligus berencana menandai reses blogging sebulan ke depan..

    mau cerita tentang gimana saya ke orang yang selama ini saya anggap robin* saya. mengapa pake asterisk? karena dulu awalnya saya pikir robin saya adalah si X, tapi si X selalu bilang kalo robin saya adalah si robin* ini. dan ternyata seiring dengan berjalannya waktu dan seiring dengan kita mulai bisa berpikir jernih dan melepaskan diri dari faktor situasi dan kondisi fisik dan spiritual, saya bisa bilang robin* inilah robin saya. dan kenapa pake bintang, karena penganggapan bahwa robin* ini adalah robin terjadi sebelum saya tahu endingnya HIMYM.

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  2. Kancil Makan Timun Spontanitas Gaya Baru

    1. habis ngomongin apps dongeng untuk anak kecil
    2. Teman : Ya ampun, apps gw itu kmana ya. Bahkan gw lupa lah judulnya apa. Lumayan malem2 gini ada yg ngedongengin kan
    3. Saya: Yaelah lo mau didongengin apa emg, kancil makan timun? Gw dongengin sini
    4. Teman: Basi ah, kancilnya nyuri soalnya jadi ilfil deh
    5. Saya: Weits jangan salah Kancil yang ini gak nyolong
    6. Teman: Trus drmana dia dapet timun?
    7. Saya: Suatu hari dia ketemu orang yang ban motornya kempes di jalan. Lalu dia membantu orang itu. Sebagai imbalan karena kebaikannya, dia dikasih timun. Udah tamat.
    8. Teman: (hanya ngasih emoticon terharu di whatsapp, mungkin kasian sama lawakan garing saya)

  4. Sesekalinya ngesketch sama ngewarnain buat kuliah hahahah – View on Path.


  5. "What you are going through today, and who you are as a person, are two different things."
    — Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

  6. "Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up."
    — Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

  7. Too much

    Many people give me support. I am so grateful. And I really want to make their support matters. I can say that I’m quite self-less. When it comes to my personal stuff or issue, I just don’t give it a damn, I don’t give my hundred percent. So I guess I have to seize this opportunity as a mandate from people around myself, so I have the reason to be hundred percent..

    May God gives me the strength to make it happen

    *just a foot note from a person who is still striving to be a better man, to be God’s good servant. it’s not done instantly, sometimes we forget, but we need to keep ourselves on the right track, leave all the past behind us, welcoming the new dawn!

  8. Random sketch hari ini! – View on Path.


  9. That’s the dream

    "But you know, now we’re on top. The EEE is on the top 10 in terms of publication number. Ten years ago we were at the bottom, but three years later we climbed up. It’s a progress. And everything comes back to all of you, the students. You have to do the hard work. It all depends on you. In fact I was in Imperial College for a while, at that time a Ph.D student didn’t have any publication but he said his supervisor is okay with that. But here we want you to publish, it’s for the endorsement from internal and external."


    "You know, one day I hope one of you could bring some difference, something out of the box. I know it may be difficult, but you know, nowadays some people from engineering received nobel prize recently, you know the fiber optics. Yeah but of course it’s nobel prize, only old man receives it. But of course there’s still IEEE prize for engineering. Yeah, that’s the dream"



  11. "It happens that I finally could start to accept that I’m not that dumb (not as stupid as how I used to perceive myself). It’s never too late to have a good self-esteem, although it’s a bit scary to know it’s been happening for 21 years."

  12. I like being underdog

    What can best depict life in singapore? Chasing public bus! I don’t always come early to campus, but when there’s some occasion, an important occasion to a friend, I strive to go on time. It simply because they were always there for me when I need help, so I want to support them to repay their kindness (although it will never suffice).

    And then at those particular moments, I started to make every second counts. I think strategically, how to arrive at the right time, making ultra fast decision where to alight, which bus should I take in which bus stop. And I can’t stop looking at the digital clock. Sometimes I make wrong decision, but a wrong decision made in a short time is better than not deciding anything.

    And you know, whenever I come so early, they will be surprised. How come I could wake up so early. 

    That’s why I like to be underdog. I don’t have any pressure to fulfill someone’s expectation, but I’ll present surprise for them, the big one.

    And it’s not that I care about how people perceive me. In fact, I can always find someone who put high respect in me, but that’s not the goal. Our goal in life is not to impress people.

    You know, in this world there are unlimited possibilities. Not everyone has to get the nobel prize. But as long as you make your life worth the living, creating inspiration for people around you, you have to be grateful. Because that’s how you become the conduit of the blessing from God!

    And, yeah, I like being underdog. This way I can find some parts of my life story that can trigger laughter! For me, and for all of the people in the world!


  14. Aku selalu naksir sama senja. Apalagi sehabis hujan. – Watch on Path.


  15. "Kayak yang kita baru kenal aja"
    — (mungkin terkadang pertemanan adalah fungsi waktu)